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  • Briefing Documents

    Briefing documents offer insights into humanities issues and make useful leave-behinds when visiting Congressional offices. These are designed to be downloaded and printed on a standard office printer.

  • Capacity Building Resources

    Capacity building resources provide you the tools to document and communicate the impact of your work.

    • Pitching the Humanities Toolkit
      Pitching the Humanities Toolkit
      Engaging with the press is a terrific way to raise the visibility of humanities work on campuses, in local communities, and nationwide. The National Humanities Alliance has compiled a number of resources to help with media outreach.  
    • Impact Survey Toolkit
      Impact Survey Toolkit
      Evidence highlighting the impact of your humanities programs can help you make the case for your work to policymakers, funders, and the public. NHA's impact survey toolkit is designed to help you evaluate your work,  
  • Learn More About Humanities Policy

    These materials will help you learn more about the issue areas addressed by this website and can model how to make arguments about humanities work.

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