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Easing Veterans’ Transition to College
Veterans in the Warrior-Scholar Project read and discuss literature and political theory with some of the nation’s best professors. Image courtesy of the Warrior-Scholar Project.

With the goal of turning veterans into civic leaders, the Warrior-Scholar Project helps veterans navigate the transition from military to campus life through immersive “boot camps” held at the nation’s top universities. Established in 2012 with a trial program at Yale University, the Warrior-Scholar Project received its first major grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities in 2013, which allowed it double the length of its program and the number of veterans it served as well as expand from one to three campuses. Since then, the NEH has continued to support the Warrior-Scholar Project, offering critical funding as the program has expanded to serve more veterans in more locations. Equally important, the NEH grant and the level of vetting that came with it spurred so many donations from individuals and private foundations that NEH funding now makes up only six percent of the Warrior-Scholar Project’s operating budget. Today, the organization is more than ten times its initial size and is able to serve as many as 240 veterans each summer.

“WSP provided me with a supportive network of fellow student-veterans that constantly promote solidarity. We help each other realize and remember that we are not navigating this challenging endeavor alone.”
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