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St. Paul, Minnesota
Incubating Exhibits for Minnesota and the Nation
Incubating Exhibits for Minnesota and the Nation

At the Minnesota Historical Society, visitors engage with an exhibit that explores women's suffrage in the United States during World War I. Image courtesy of the Minnesota Historical Society.

Since 1972, the NEH has made consistent investments in the Minnesota Historical Society, a society that is noted for the scholarly rigor it puts into its locations and exhibits. The NEH has funded permanent and temporary exhibits at the Minnesota History Center in St. Paul, as well as public programs, preservation, and installations at many other sites across the state, including the Mille Lacs Indian Museum, Historic Fort Snelling, St. Anthony Falls Heritage Center, and the Mill City Museum. Public programs sponsored by the NEH are designed to appeal to children, veterans, and the general public. Recently, the NEH has supported the development of the “World War I America” and “The 1968 Project” exhibits, both of which have been designed to travel to museums around the country. After debuting at the Minnesota History Center, “The 1968 Project” traveled to Oakland and Santa Ana, California; Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; St. Louis, Missouri; Durham, North Carolina; Austin, Texas; Denver, Colorado; and Chicago, Illinois. The NEH’s long-term partnership with the Minnesota Historical Society ensures that Minnesotans have access to the highest quality humanities experiences and that those experiences are taken on the road to benefit the rest of the nation.

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