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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Uncovering the History of Nurse Practitioners in the U.S.
Uncovering the History of Nurse Practitioners in the U.S.
In Making Room in the Clinic: Nurse Practitioners and the Evolution of Modern Health Care, Julie Fairman investigates the history of nurse practitioners and their practice in the United States and explores their contributions to current public health policy in the United States. Image courtesy of Rutgers University Press.

The tension between nurse practitioners and medical doctors has real implications for the average American’s ability to access high-quality healthcare at a reasonable cost. And for decades, those working in public health policy have struggled to define where nurse practitioners belong in the spectrum of health care workers while ensuring that patients have appropriate access to their services. With an NEH research fellowship, Julie Fairman, a Professor of Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania, undertook research on the history of nurse practitioners that ultimately led to multiple publications and enabled her to take on public policy work that is of consequence to ordinary Americans seeking health care treatment. This work also helped Fraiman break new ground in the inclusion of nurses’ perspectives in discussions of health policy.

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