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Avon Park, Florida
From Cultural Conflict to Coexistence in Florida’s Heartland
Dr. Jerald T. Milanich and Dr.  Charlotte Pressler take part in

Dr. Jerald T. Milanich and Dr. Charlotte Pressler take part in "Florida's Spanish-Indian Missions, 1565–1763," part of the A Sense of Home program. Image courtesy of the South Florida State College Department of Humanities.

South Florida State College’s project, “A Sense of Home,” seeks to infuse the state’s rich and unusual history into literature, philosophy, psychology, and sociology courses. With funding from the NEH, the College is bringing well-regarded experts on the history of Florida to give lectures and take part in discussions with college faculty and high school teachers. Together, these groups are creating course modules that will help teachers present a range of academic subjects while using Florida’s history as background material. The ultimate goal is to help Florida’s students develop a richer understanding of the state’s history and their place in it. The final products—teaching modules with supplementary materials—will be published and shared broadly with Florida’s academic community and will be used by college faculty and high school teachers alike.

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