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Charlottesville, Virginia
Encountering U.S. History at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello

Over several decades, the NEH has supported the development of new exhibitions at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, the World Heritage site, museum, and research institute located in rural Virginia. These grants have had an outsized impact on the local economy as Monticello welcomes nearly 400,000 annual visitors, 93% of whom were from outside of Virginia. 50% of them stayed in a hotel for at least one night, contributing no less than $13.1 million to the local economy. The exhibitions reflect the most current understanding of Thomas Jefferson and the era he embodied and include information uncovered during archaeological digs at Monticello that the NEH funded in the 1980s. These digs contributed significantly to our understanding of slavery in the Revolutionary Era, as well as of the United States’s third president and the moral contradictions that he embodied.

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