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Athens, Ohio
Discussing War With Ohio Veterans
NEH funding helped Ohio University host a series of public dialogues and other events for veterans and civilians. Image courtesy of Ohio University.

As part of the Dialogues on the Experience of War program, the Contemporary History Institute at Ohio University hosted Coming Home from War: Conversations for Veterans in Southern Ohio and the Appalachian Region. This program brought together veterans and community members to discuss the experiences of coming home from war to an economically stressed region. Participants explored questions of guilt, trauma, injury, and disability as well as the challenges of reintegrating into society.

“Reading portions of AJAX together, and discussing that book, was meaningful to me. I know I bring a whole range of assumptions to any conversation about military experiences [. . .]Discussing this play, it's role in the lives of the audience who experienced it, and the ways the book performs a kind of ‘time travel’ bringing ancient stories into the present moment, all of this was helpful in digging into my own assumptions, suppositions, and predetermined judgments...ultimately breaking them apart bit by bit. This is important to me, to break through the layers of my own assumption in conversation with other vets.”

–Veteran Participant

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