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Boston, Massachusetts
Making the Adams Family Papers Accessible to the Nation
NEH funding has helped the Massachusetts Historical Society digitize the Adams Family’s collected papers. In 1822, Eliza Susan Quincy painted this watercolor of the birthplaces of John and John Quincy Adams in Quincy, Mass. from the vantage point of Penn’s Hill. Image courtesy of the Massachusetts Historical Society.

The Adams Papers Editorial Project chronicles the journals, letters, and other writings of Founding Father and second President of the United States John Adams and three generations of his family. More than a family history or work of autobiography, the papers tell the story of the nascent United States and its growth and change throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The NEH has provided this project with periodic financial support since 1975 and has most recently funded the preparation and publication of The Papers of John Adams and The Adams Family’s Correspondence, which are available for free online.

“We live with them, day in and day out. There’s a bust of John Adams that I look at at work, and I have John and Abigail’s portraits behind me as I work. There’s always that sort of watchful eye—are we making sure to do them justice?”
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