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Spokane, Washington
Telling War: Exploring Veterans’ Experiences in Eastern Washington
Community veterans learn how to craft and share their six-word war stories at a workshop led by veteran Mike Nemeth, co-author of Six-Word War. Image courtesy of The Telling Project.

Telling War, funded by the National Endowment for Humanities as part of the Dialogues on the Experience of War program, brought veterans, students, and community members together to experiment with a variety of techniques veterans can use to share their stories, including songwriting, poetry, visual arts, and digital media. The Gonzaga University program arose out of project director Lisa Silvestri’s own experience in a military family: “My Dad was drafted because he dropped out of high school. And I grew up in the traditional Vietnam veteran household where you didn’t talk about it, but you could feel it. And so I’ve basically made a lifelong career trying to fill in that silhouette.”

“The program strengthened the connections among veterans and community organizations and non-veterans because it drew attention to how much the veteran voice has to offer the broader society.”
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