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Tuskegee, Alabama
Celebrating Literary Legacies of Macon County
The workshops brought together a cohort of Tuskegee faculty to explore the local literary heritage of the area. Image courtesy of Tuskegee University.

Zora Neale Hurston, Ralph Ellison, and Albert Murray each have artistic and biographical ties to Macon County and the Tuskegee Institute—and each shaped Alabama history and helped transform American thought and culture. On the 200th anniversary of Alabama statehood, Tuskegee University is connecting its faculty, students, and the broader community with these three literary icons. NEH funding is supporting research into the authors, workshops around their work and lives, curricular enhancements to include the authors, and two public community events—a quilt exhibition inspired by Hurston and four day reading of Ellison’s Invisible Man. In doing so, the program has fostered community-based research and teaching among faculty and equipped students with a more robust understanding of the historic and ongoing challenges of rural areas like Macon County.

“I was able to learn more about Tuskegee through the authors we studied and how they had an influence on this community, and why it might be how it is today.”

–Tuskegee student

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