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Louisville, Kentucky
Access to Cultural Sites for Kentucky Youth
Access to Cultural Sites for Kentucky Youth

Louisville's Cultural Pass Program gives youth the chance to take art classes, in addition to providing them access to museums and other institutions. Image courtesy of the Louisville-Jefferson County Metro Government.

Launched in 2014, the City of Louisville’s Cultural Pass Program distributes free passes to the city’s art and cultural institutions to youth under the age of 21. The program aims to foster creativity and civic engagement in the City’s young, as well as to beat the summer slump. Through an NEH grant and local partnerships, the City has been able to improve its program, increasing capacity by hiring a project director and mitigating barriers to access by providing transportation. Since its inception, 46% of the passes have gone to children in low-to-moderate income zip codes, and the 38 participating institutions have seen 25,000 passholder visits each year. Meanwhile, the library has seen a 16% increase in completion of its summer reading program.

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